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Hi Harri, I thought I would email you to tell you I love the wheatgrass. I look forward to it every morning, I feel a lot better when I take the wheatgrass, my day goes better and it makes me feel good. I am running out please can I order another months supply?

K Yeow
12:00am 21 September 2008

My partners being on the wheatgrass and has started losing weight! He works out/exercise’s a lot and eats ok but can never get below a certain weight. Until now! He is very happy, it must be the real hard fat he is shifting.

12:00am 19 December 2008

Great news. Wheatgrass is highly recommended for weight-loss. It is said to work by suppressing the appetite, stimulating metabolism, circulation and is said to help loose weight in inches and kgs!

Harri (ADMIN)
6:43pm 19 December 2008

Hi Guys, love your product and can not live without it. I place an order every 2 weeks as I juice and freeze it.

Tried to contact you but contact tab will not open. I\&srquot;m having problem with delivery though. I am getting them around 4-5pm.

Many Thanks

7:15pm 14 June 2011

Your contact by email link does not work with a Mac in all common browsers. Great website! I will try to call you. thx. S.

Hi Harri
8:21am 22 March 2012

I live in Nairobi Kenya. How will I get the juice?

3:15pm 16 November 2012

I am wondering where my wheat grass is?
Sophie Bickerdike

no wheat grass?
2:35pm 03 February 2013

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