Is Frozen Wheatgrass
As Good As Fresh Wheatgrass?

It might even be better. Let me explain.

Freeze and defrost a whole tomato and it will look lot less appetising than it did. Clearly, something irreversible is going on. Plant cells are enclosed in a ridged cellulose cell wall. It is this cell wall that gives plants their overall rigidity - compare a carrot to a chicken breast. When we freeze fruit and vegetables the water they contain turns to ice and expands. This bursts the cells open and destroys the overall structure. Defrosted fruit and vegetables have lost their 'bite'. This is true for pretty much all fruit and vegetables, even the ones sold frozen in the supermarket.

frozen tomato Animal cells are enclosed in a flexible lipid membrane instead of a ridged cell wall and are much less susceptible to cell bursting.

What does this mean for the health value of frozen fruit and vegetables?

Broadly speaking, there are two reasons your Mum made you eat all your vegetables: fibre and vitamins.

Fibre, the indigestible part of your vegetable diet, is more or less unchanged by freezing even though is is the cellulose cell walls that burst that make up most of this fibre.

Vitamins are organic compounds required in our diet in tiny amounts because we can not synthesise them ourselves and need them for essential functions. The wikipedia entry on vitamins is well worth reading. Freezing does not directly affect vitamins. If you leave fruit and vegetables sitting around, many of the vitamins they contain will slowly become oxidised by free radicals. This is the reason that the anti-oxidant vitamins are good for your health, they get oxidised on your behalf.

The best time to eat vegetables is at the moment they are picked. From that point onward, they loose their anti-oxidant power. The rate of this loss is slowed by cooling. That is part of the reason that food stays fresh for longer when it is kept in the fridge and will last even longer when frozen. So, in terms of health benefit, if you don't have the opportunity to eat your vegetables on the day they are harvested, you are better off eating from frozen. Research on the question started a long time ago, Am Journal Public Health Nations Health, 1932 has been well documented in the media: by the BBC and lots of others, ivillage, explanations.

So, what does this mean for wheatgrass? The same rules apply. The fresher the better. Our wheatgrass is cut, juiced and rapidly frozen all at the same time. The wonderful antioxidant benefit of wheatgrass is protected by its freezing temperature. Once you receive the wheatgrass juice all you need to do is make sure that you keep it frozen until you are ready to drink it. All the other important health giving properties of wheatgrass juice like its chlorophyl and alkalinity ar perfectly preserved.

Didn't I say that frozen wheatgrass juice might even be better? To explain let me answer another question first: why isn't grass a natural part of our diet? Grass cells have a particularly tough cell wall. Try eating plain wheatgrass and a couple of days latter you will see that not much has happened to the grass while it was in your body. Humans lack the natural ability to extract the nutrients from grass.

I may not be a cow but I have wheatgrass juicer!

Ruminants, the specialised grass eaters, like cows and sheep have two tricks up their sleeves. Firstly, they regurgitate partially-digested grass (cud) to re-chew it over and over again. This slowly breaks down the extra tough cell wall in grasses to release the nutrients. And secondly, they cultivate specialised microbes in their fore-stomach, which produce enzymes that break down the cellulose cell wall.

A wheatgrass juicer does this job for us: it bursts the nutrients out of wheatgrass cells so that we can absorb them. But inevitably, some intact cells slip through. Freezing the wheatgrass juice unlocks these last cells. Having said that, this is probably only a minor benefit and not worth doing unless you have some other reason to freeze the wheatgrass.


Frozen Wheatgrass As Good As Fresh?

COOL! That's really awesome.

5:35pm 25 May 2008

I belive it is the same in many ways but they should really release a marmalade flavour.

Sam Curtis
12:58pm 18 September 2008

Hmm, does anyone have a more useful critique than Sam and Austin?

10:34am 29 September 2008

One simple question. Since its frozen, when do you think it will be the best time to be served after defrost?

6:51am 07 October 2008

Teng, there is a very simple answer to your question. You should drink your wheatgrass within 15 minutes of defrosting. The sooner the better. The vitamins in the juice will slowly oxidise and loose their health value. This is the reason we snap freeze our wheatgrass immediatly after it is juiced.

Infact, we find that as an added bonus, still ice cold, freshly liquidised frozen wheatgrass juice tastes better than freshly juiced wheatgrass. We are starting to serve frozen wheatgrass as an option at the juice bar for this reason. It is particularly good for wheatgrass newbies.

Philippe (ADMIN)
3:42am 15 October 2008

I have seen two quite different shades of frozen wheat Grass ? I have bought the very dark green one from an eco shop in Finland 100% organic , so im hoping i have the right one! HELP.
Also is two cubes a day a good start? I take them as a shot, not adding anything else!

3:06pm 18 April 2009

Is putting it in the freezer the same? Will it still be as good as freshly frozen? I have grown a lot at one time and don\&srquot;t want to waist it!

10:35pm 13 June 2009

I grow my own wheat grass and after I harvest my tray I put the grass in the fridge in an airtight bag and then take out what I need and juice it. Does this still keep the nutrients?

12:22am 19 July 2009

Why cant a person just juice grass, like on your lawn?

7:57pm 31 August 2009

just realise there is a big space inbetween the article and title, any way just gotta love wheatgrass

6:10pm 02 September 2009

Can I freeze my wheatgrass after I juice it? Will it lose any thing ?

3:42pm 27 December 2009

Strange so many questions aren\&srquot;t being answered!

I drink wheatgrass,but am convinced some claims are hugely exaggerated,and some vendors are dishonest.

Buyer beware

11:04pm 14 March 2010

I drink wheatgrass the frozen cubes everyday one shot as I am a cancer patient. and I agree that some vendors are hugely exagerated and dishonest and this is sad as it has become a huge business.

4:39pm 19 March 2010

The analysis of minerals, etc, in wheatgrass is extraordinary.
How much does one take, per day?
Presumably on an empty stomach?

I am undergoing chemotherapy and have been taking powdered barley grass, which I guess is a sister to wheatgrass. Certainly, Dr Hagiwara\\&srquot;s work features in both grasses.


Peter Lewin
10:41pm 27 August 2010

Do you use a slow or fast speed juicer for extraction in your factory?

8:17pm 13 September 2010

newbie to wheatgrass and somewhat perturbed that questions on this site havent been answered for over a year !!!!! ????

10:06am 17 October 2010

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8:32pm 24 August 2011

answer the questions or stop this option please

s g
10:39am 03 November 2011

Just curious, what about the enzymes? After all these are a major benefit of wheatgrass juice and I have heard that they are damaged by freezing the juice. Have you had any nutritional tests done before and after freezing to quantify the damage?

12:43pm 11 November 2011

If you want answers get in touch with Aconbury I have found them to be very helpful

1:02pm 11 November 2011

Even though wheatgrass is an exceptionnally great product for your health and brings a lot of benefits to the body, if the rest of our diet is high in fat and processed foods, the benefits will surely not be as rewarding....

5:02pm 13 January 2012

I read that freezing wheatgrass does not kill of the enzymes but slow them down

Enzyme activity can lead to the deterioration of food quality. Enzymes present in animals, vegetables, and fruit promote chemical reactions before and after harvest, such as ripening. Freezing only slows the enzyme activity that takes place in foods. It does not halt them.

11:13pm 29 February 2012

good knowledge ON THIS SITE

Varinder Goel
1:22pm 23 March 2012

good knowledge ON THIS SITE

Varinder Goel
1:24pm 23 March 2012

Thanks for all the info! Very helpful! LOVE WHEATGRASS!!

5:18pm 24 April 2012

I use frozen wheat grass cubes, 2 a day, and I blend them in a \"green smoothie\" I blend them with raw spinach, raw Arugula, raw almonds, raw pumpkin seeds, aloe juice, water and blueberries....I figure when doing this, I am also combining raw enzymes too, so that may help with the assimilation of the nutrients in the wheat grass.

5:11pm 21 June 2012

Does wheatgrass make you blow off. If yes, how much would I need?

11:49am 23 July 2012

Your \"contact us\" link on the website does not work.

Neither does the payment page.

Peter Carey
7:36am 26 March 2013

It is important to be noticed that wheatgrass extract is highly nutritious, and it has aomost everything that is required to stay healthy. People use wheatgrass juice as rich source of Vitamins A, C & E, iron, chlorophyll, amino acids and minerals.

3:42pm 30 April 2013

No B vitamins in wheatgrass. Did god forget?

6:25am 10 June 2013

Does frozen wheatgrass juice taste differently from fresh wheatgrass juice? I am used to wheatgrass juice tasting like a combination of grass and fresh snap peas. On my first time thawing and drinking wheatgrass juice, all I taste is this very faint impression of unripened bananas. I did notice a greenish aggregate that mostly mixed in well when I shook the individual serving packets. Did my frozen juice go bad?

5:21pm 10 June 2013

How long can you freeze wheat grass for? It has been in my freezer for 2 years or more, would it be decent enough to thaw and drink the cubes? If not what are the signs that I shouldn\\&srquot;t drink it?

8:36am 14 June 2013

I store my wheatgrass in 40cc cubes in my freezer. To prevent the oxidation proces I put them in my vitamix with water giving me in the morning a very cool nice glas of green drink. Works fine. I make my wheatgrass in water culture and 400 gram of wheat gives me 500 ml of juice - to much to drink and I don\\&srquot;t want to clean my Greenstar every day. Freezing is a good option. Bye, Harry from Edam-NL

10:54am 16 June 2013

Great info!
We have raised two children with the Vitamix blinder (22 years) and this is what we\&srquot;ve learned.
Freeze ALL your veggies and fruits. It burst the cell membranes shredding the fiber and releasing 30-40 percent more juice.
The shredded fiber then is no longer pulpy and now a smoothy. When you freeze leafy veg\&srquot;s put them in a cellophane bag like the one\&srquot;s in a cereal box like Total.
After frozen, pull out and crush the bag with your hands crushing the leaves into crumbs you now can store a LOT of leafy veg\&srquot;s in one bag and it\&srquot;s easy to pour into the blinder. NO MORE PULP!
Please note, raisin\&srquot;s are high in iron so freeze\&srquot;um and use\&srquot;um. : )

10:04am 17 July 2013

Can you actually freeze the wheat grass itself? I have a nutribullet and a few of the shakes in the recipe book call for wheat grass, to make things quicker I pack all of my fruits and veggies in a bag that way it\&srquot;s ready to go in the morning, i just throw it in the nutri bullet. The nutri bullet pulverizes everything, so I\&srquot;m wondering if I can just freeze the actual grass?

4:35pm 06 September 2013

put dentures in robots

8:06pm 10 January 2014

I use the wheatgrass cubes like ice in my other fresh juices.

9:09pm 10 January 2014

Try juicing your unsprouted wheatgrass seeds for an exciting change of pace, or try freezing your electric wheatgrass juicer for something really fun & different!

2:31pm 24 March 2014

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