This is the place to ask general questions about wheatgrass.

My cousin is 18 nearly 19 and has a bit of grey hair due to stress. I read wheatgrass is good for getting rid of grey hair. Do you know anything about this?

K Yeow
12:00am 29 August 2008

As you know Ann Wigmore claimed that she had grey hair which did restore itself returning back to its original colour. Wheatgrass is a remarkable cleanser, detoxifier and helps the body to regenerate and restore itself. There is therefore no reason why it would not also strengthen and restore the hair.

A lack of the trace mineral copper maybe linked to the premature greying of the hair. Wheatgrass juice contains 24.67 mcg. per shot (30ml). Copper is linked with the hair and skin colouring. A regular intake of wheatgrass should help replace any lack of trace minerals.

As you may have read there are many studies about wheatgrass and grey hair, it has proven to be successful for many people although it is not something that happens too quickly!!

Harri (ADMIN)
9:13pm 29 August 2008

Do you think wheatgrass could help shrink my small dogs Tumor??

9:33am 07 March 2009

I am very sorry to hear about you dog. It may be worth a try but I'm sorry to say that I don't think the wheatgrass will cure your dog if it has a cancerous tumour.

Philippe (ADMIN)
2:23pm 08 March 2009

Is it good for cancer?

2:01pm 10 March 2009

who work in the juice bar

6:25pm 05 May 2009

i would like to know whether the handjuicers and wheatgrass equipement can be bought in the bristol big banana?

6:19pm 02 September 2009

so not to overgrow or even waste my wheetgrass ,i have decided to juice then freeze has ice cubes so to pop a cube in my morning smootie.
would this effect the goodness gained though having wheetgrass. i have never had frozen wheetgrass juice so alittle unsure if this is a good idea.
I am thankfull for any advise that you can give me.

9:59pm 03 November 2009

I compared the LEXEN manual juicer and your juicer, and they are exactly the same.
How come that your is cheaper?

8:56pm 06 November 2009

i would like to know if juicing wheetgrass then freezing it is has good for you as freshly juiced wheetgrass.

11:00pm 16 November 2009

Do you ship to France and what are the costs? Francisca

4:44pm 28 November 2009

I have heard wheatgrass is good for fertility is that right?

10:33am 06 January 2010

Do you answer any of these questions?

10:53pm 07 January 2010

I had diagnosed with breast cancer and my friends suggested to have wheatgrass. Can I grow at home? Where I can by a seed?

9:30pm 18 April 2010

Hi Parvana
Yes you can grow the wheatgrass at home. We can provide you with good seeds and everything you need to get you started. Please feel free contact me on 07946 820070 for a chat. Harri

9:01am 19 April 2010

I have been taking wheat grass for 2 months, the main reason i took it was to improve my skin as i suffer from very very mild acne. However since i have been taking it my acne has gotten extremely bad, much worse then it has ever been. Im believe it is the wheat grass causing this, what is the solution, should i stop taking it?

2:11pm 27 April 2010

Well due to the fact that no one has gotten back to me i decided to stop taking the wheat grass and thank fully my skin has stop breaking out!!!! so be warned wheat grass is not for everyone and its is not a miracle cure.


2:53pm 08 May 2010

i have acute myeloid leukemia is it good for me to take a wheatgrass juice?is it safe for me?i tried it today for the first time but i vommit a lot and my heart starts beating faster and

2:17pm 03 September 2010

Hi Jericho
Yes wheatgrass is safe. We work closely with many cancer patients who are taking our wheatgrass regularly with many positive affects. We do not have your email so if you would like to discuss further please feel free to email me at or call 07946 820070.

1:34pm 06 September 2010

Hi there,

Is it possible to get the wheatgrass equipment and frozen wheatgrass from your shop in St Nic\\&srquot;s Market Bristol? Or is it possible to get these delivered on Saturdays too?
I would like to order frozen wheatgrass/wg equipment, but I work Mon-Fri until 5 pm. They could be delivered to my work place, but there\\&srquot;s no freezer, so it would become a problem with the frozen wg.

1:25pm 10 September 2010

for mo
sometimes with skin reactions it is the skin trying to release toxins .... so the wheat grass may possibly have speeded up the porcess ?? just a thought, but yes, would have been nice to have seen an answer form admin on this one....

10:12am 17 October 2010

Hi All
Our website is currently being updated. We are experiencing some problems with the contact page. If you have any questions please email us directly at: Sorry for any inconvenience. We do have all the time to respond and speak to customers so please do contact us. Harri

10:58am 17 October 2010

Caroline we do not have your contact details but please email me at so can respond to your questions. Many thanks Harri

11:00am 17 October 2010

My daughter who is 6 has an abcess on her tooth, would wheatgrass help to alliviate the symptoms of this as her gums are really inflamed.

12:22pm 07 June 2011

Wheatgrass can be gargled which will help reduce swelling and pain. Initially, for younger children, you may want to dilute the wheatgrass with water and slowly build to the pure juice.

1:25pm 07 June 2011

Is powdered wheatgrass as effective as your frozen type? If so, can you recommend a product?


Jonathan Penn
9:25am 21 September 2011

The email does NOT work! I cannot contact anyone about my order NOT arriving, and it had been over a week! WHat is happening???

2:20pm 03 January 2012

is the wheatgrass organic? the one that you send in bags ?

8:07pm 31 March 2012

The email does not work!!!!! I ordered frozen wheatgrass on Tues, spoke to someone at customer services who said it would be delivered on Thurs and that it could be left in the garage if I was out (which I was). Got back home to a note through the door from the delivery company who say I have to rearrange the delivery. Due to the bank holidays I now wont be able to get this delivered until Tuesday which, by then will have defrosted and will surely not be fit for purpose as this will be in 5 days time!!! Please get back to me. Thanks.

8:23pm 05 April 2012

Have managed to get wheatgrass now which was still frozen, phew! I would suggest, if one hasnt had it before to have a slice of orange ready after the shot due to the unusual taste!! ;-)

2:23pm 07 April 2012

Hi can you tell me if wheatgrass is suitable to take in pregnancy? and how often.

Thank you x

5:04pm 03 May 2012

Sorry but the inability to contact you via your website/email to arrange delivery for a specific date has just lost you a sale and no doubt continued monthly purchases.

Would have been prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt but judging by all the comments above mine this is a long term issue.

7:44pm 08 July 2012

I ordered 6 bags of wheat grass and was supposed to get free shipping. I received a bill from FedEx for $61. for duty and taxes. Previously a friend had ordered in the same fashion as I did and did not get an extra bill. Why the charges.

Dianne Bunce
5:25pm 11 October 2012

You make it very difficult to contact you. Your contact us does not work, and your e mail does not work. How can you get any business. I did not get an answer to my previous question.

Dianne Bunce
3:51pm 16 October 2012

Thanks so much for sending the book and wheatgrass juice. I have seen a definite improvement in energy and wellbeing from just one months use.

Your contact us link does not work and it is a pity that you are not on Facebook or Twitter as it would be lovely to be able to promote you - you are missing an opportunity for sure

Thanks again

Jakki Francis
10:02am 06 December 2012

Will someone get back to me please as I want to place an order by phone but your contact us web page will not open. you are also not replying to these questions? I have already asked one question through this service !!!!

9:30am 02 April 2013

Hello my name is Chris Ambrose im from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I would love to get in contact with you about getting a operation going out here, Unfortunately you \"contact us\" link is not working so im posting here to hopefully get in contact with you. is my main email
Hope to hear from you soon!

Chris Ambrose
3:59pm 08 May 2013

what is your contact number,cant find it anywhere and we have being trying to contact thebigbananajuicebar but the number is engaged.could you send me your number please?

1:13pm 06 August 2013

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